Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands

Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands
View of Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands-Click on photo to link to Chateau Du Mer


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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Statistical Data from My Nine Blogs-After Two Years

Lady Gaga's Alejandro music video was the most popular and most visited posting in my blogs.

Today is the second anniversary of my blogging activities(I started in September, 2008). I have nine blogs both personal, business (Beach Resort) and about Marinduque-My Island Paradise. I have also one blog about amazing, funny, weird, sexy and unusual stories and images from the web.

I signed up for Google ADSENSE at the start, not with the hope of making a big income to support me, but just for curiosity. Will google AdSense really give me an income as advertised by a few professional bloggers?

I blog because I love to write and not to earn. But if my blogs make money from Adsense, it is like icing in the cake and of course it will be welcome. Earning money through Adsense is just a dream, right now!

Here are the statistical data from my nine blogs after two years:

Title of Blog Page Impressions Income($)

1. Marinduque Awaits You 13,813 8.40
2. Marinduque My Island Paradise 7,189 7.15
3. Planning to Visit Marinduque 2,436 4.03
4. Life in US and the Philippines 5,198 3.55
5. Chateau Du Mer Beach Resort 4,269 3.23
6. Why Retire to the Philippines 2,744 2.28
7. The Intellectual Migrant 6,342 1.02
8. Amazing, Unusual and Sexy Images 4,327 0.79
9. I Left My Heart in Marinduque 2,257 0.51

The total earnings from Adsense in the last two years is $30.96

The total page impressions is about 46,000.

On June this year, Google AdSense was disabled from my blog # 8. I do not know the reason why. But I suspect the robot has detected a bad word in one of the articles in the site. Googles should have at least warned me before it disable AdSense in that site.

I have written more than 1000 articles in the nine blogs for the last 2 years. I have also written three news article for and three for Live in the Philippines internet magazine.

The top ten articles based on the Number of Visits (Page Views)are as follows:
Title of Article,(date posted), Page Views ( Subject )
1. Time for Lady Gaga's Alejandro(6/11/10) 718 ( music video)
2. Chapter 4: My College Years ( 5/09/09) 246 ( The Oblation)
3. PI Bench Underwear Fashion Show( 7/03/10) 162 ( Underwear Fashions)
4. Fruit Trees in the Gardens of CDM( 6/27/10) 148 ( fruit trees and gardens)
5. I Love Sunsets! How About You?( 9/06/09) 135 ( photography)
6. Cloyne Court, Episode 10 (9/02/09) 120 ( coed bathrooms UC Berkeley)
7. Lady Gaga has a Penis (6/20/10) 118 ( music video)
8. One Curios Boy, Four Horny Animals(6/20/09) 112 (pictorials)
9. The Vagina and Penis Trees( 10/11/09) 100 ( pictorials)
10. Hundred Island National Park (9/10/09) 100 ( travel)

The above data tells me that Lady Gaga is one lady that attracts blog readers all over the world. The above video has already been viewed by 13 million viewers in You Tube.

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