Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands

Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands
View of Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands-Click on photo to link to Chateau Du Mer


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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Registrants Funding and Thank You to All

The blogger and Congressman Allan Velasco during the Saturday Reception at his Beach Resort in Torrijos

In the earlier missions until 2008, missioners were not required or assessed a registration fee of $150. In this mission, one hundred ten (110) registrants paid $150 for the privelege of joining this mission. This fee was supposed to pay for the bus(Jack Liner) from Manila to Marinduque. Only 32 missioners used this service. The fee will take care of the expense for the two T-shirts, local transportation and all the meals. Lodging is the responsibility of each missioner. The T-shirts were donated by a local philanthropist. All the lunches ( except the lunches in the hospital) and dinners ( except Bellarocca) were donated. The only meal, that MI, Inc paid were the breakfast in each hotel. Based on the breakfast I have catered for my 6 registered guests and one surgeon volunteer, the amount I paid was $15 per person for the whole week. The big expense of MI, Inc were the 10 vans that were used to transport the missioners, a few local volunteers and drugs to the various venues where clinical operations are held. I calculated this expense amounted to be $31 per missioners for the whole 6 days. Add another $4.00 for miscellaneous expense to round it up to $50. Therefore $100 paid by each registrant goes to the general funding of MI, Inc. This is a good way of raising funds, since most of the chapters did not contribute enough funds to reach the projected budget of $50,000 for this mission. I urged the treasurer and president to publish all expenses and donation to MI, Inc. for transparency as soon as possible.

My thanks to:

1. Donor of the T-shirt
2. All mayors except the mayor of Santa Cruz that donated the lunches
3. Gov C Reyes and VGov A. Uy for the Friday Night welcome and Reception
4. Fr,Edwin Sager for entertaining us ( dance and song) that Friday night
5. Congressman Allan Velasco for the Saturday Night Dinner in his beach House in Torrijos.
6. Donors of all dinners at the several venues- East Point Hotel, Chateau Du Mer, Villa sa Aplaya and Paradiso Hall in Mogpog.
7. Sheila Evano and the Bellarocca Staff for arranging our Valentine Dinner and Dance and for the 50% discount of our accommodations.

Last but not least: Most Reverent Bishop Rey Evangelista for officiating the welcome mass in Gasan( Feb6) and the post mission mass at the Bellarocca Resort(Feb 13).

If you have help in this mission, and I forget to mention your name in this blog, my sincere apology.

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