Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands

Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands
View of Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands-Click on photo to link to Chateau Du Mer


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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Funeral Mass and 9-Day Post-Mortem Prayers for Our Ninong

The Altar Of the Newly Constructed Gasan Cathedral- A Funeral Mass was Held for Our Ninong Recently
In my previous article about the two 87-yr old close to us in Marinduque, I commented that our ninong died two weeks after my blog was published. Our ninong died in the evening of Good Friday in the presence of his only daughter who came all the way from US, the week before when she learned her DAD was getting weaker everyday. Our last visit with him was on Holy Wednesday. Although he was bedridden his mind was clear and sharp. He even commented that with our visit, everything is now complete. I did not understand his comment, until he continued we can now play mahjong or Piqua, a game we play when he visits us in Amoingon. Mahjong is a tile game similar to Rummy and Piqua is a card game similar Gin.

The funeral service and mass at the Gasan Cathedral, was filled with his friends and relatives. Macrine was requested to give a Eulogy at the end of the mass. She was unprepared but gave a short talk from her heart and a tear or two. With quavering voice, she told the crowd that our Ninong is just like an older brother to her. Our Ninong stayed at my parents-in-law house in Boac when he was in high school. He kept in touch with us even after he immigrated to US after his retirement.

The life of our Ninong is a good example of a poor but intelligent young man, who started as janitor and later become vice president of a commercial bank in Manila. After his retirement, he and his family ( wife and 4 children) immigrated to the US.
During this time, he worked as an International Auditor for one of the biggest private bank in California. His work allowed him to travel all over the world and in the US and Canada. Our Ninong left 4 children and six grandchildren all currently residing in the US.

Macrine and I attended the 9th Day Prayer Service and Lunch before our return to US. It was held in his ancestral home in Daykitin, Buenavista at 11:00AM. I have never attended a 9-day Prayer Service and Party here in Marinduque. It lasted for only 30 minutes. In between the prayers ( all in Tagalog) are songs also in tagalog. I recognized only one song titled Sino Ako ( Who Am I?). This song was also sang during my father's funeral mass a few years ago. After the prayers we had lunch consisting of pancit( rice noodles), adobo(Chicken) and menudo ( pork and beef).
We were given a big portion of the food served to bring home for dinner.

Our Ninong led a good life and gave some of his savings to the construction of the Gasan Cathedral. My only regret is that he had never written his biography even though he was a good writer. For the last six months, I keep on reminding him to write his life story for the benefit of the poor but talented young Filipinos, who have dreams of a successful life. Again, May our Ninong soul rest in Peace, Amen!

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