Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands

Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bisexuality-Theme of Episode 50 of My Husband's Lover

In yesterday's episode, Vincent one of the leads in this TV drama, a bisexual, informed us that he equally love both his wife( Lally) and 2 kids in the same level as his gay lover, Eric. Can this be true in real life? Do you know of a bisexual man in real life who loves equally his wife and his gay paramour? What percent of homosexual men are also bisexual? On the opposite end, I know there are bisexual women. Do you know of a Lesbian woman who also has a man lover? I have a woman friend who is a bisexual, but not the other gender as portrayed by Vincent in this well written and acted TV drama.

This episode explore in detail the theme of bisexuality as illustrated in the following conversation of the two actors. The actual conversation in the TV drama was in Tagalog. However a fan translated it in English as follows:

as portrayed in TV/

ERIC: It's funny 'coz I still memorized your number that's why I know it's you.

VINCENT: Mom Ellaine knew already all 'bout me just awhile ago. I thought that it would be hard to do. But as soon I told her the truth, I felt so much lightness. I know you're wondering why of all people I'm telling all of these. Most especially now that you're trying to move that you're seeing someone else. But Eric this is very difficult for me. But I wont stop you from seeing him...or make relations to whomever you like. Oh Eric, how I wished you could be mine forever. How I wish. And I know I cant have you.

ERIC: Wait why did you really call? Is it really just to prove to me that you cant back me up? Well I really don't care! You can't hurt me anymore Vince!

VINCE: Wait Eric wait no! Please don't get me wrong. (Don't shades my intention or meaning of this call in bad light) I'm calling you now to prove to you that I'm doing something for myself. Because before I'm such a fool for not coming out in the first place. I can't help...but be glad... to be honest...I am uncertain what would happen next. I'm aware that I have a huge commitments with Lally...and to my kids. And I could not easily just abandon (leave) them. Especially now that Lally is still weak. She cannot tackle all of these things by herself...and to be frank...nor am I. Just the same I cannot face the world by myself....I'm still learning (coping). Lally and I still need each other....

ERIC: ...Because the truth love her. Maybe you are not really gay. Maybe you are just like those other men who just like having.....with men like me.

VINCE: ...Eric no! That's the truth...I know who I am...because...I love you. I really love you Eric! I really really love you! But I also love my different ways of course but I love BOTH of you...And I want to iron these things out. How I wish my conscience let me walk away from my family...but no... they still need me. So please... do whatever is best for you...and ME too. I'd try what's best for my family. I'm just hoping one day when I'm ready to fight for that there's still love left...for your heart.

ERIC: ...No...don't me promises. I don't want it. I'm already tired waiting for you.'re here...inside my heart. You are a big part of this and nobody can ever replace you. And you're right...that I still have some space left to give to someone else.. And you know (damn well) that whenever I give that space...YOU MIGHT NEVER BE ABLE TO WIN ME BACK. i hope you'd be better. You and Lally... and your family....I'LL PRAY FOR YOU...

Just in case you have not heard of My Husband's LOver (MHL)...

My Husband's Lover(MHL) is a Filipino drama series by GMA Network starring Dennis Trillo, Carla Abellana, and Tom Rodriguez. It premiered on June 10, 2013 replacing Love & Lies on the network's primetime block.

My Husband's Lover tells the story of Vincent(Tom Rodriguez) who got his girlfriend Lally (Carla Abellana), pregnant while they were still in college. The two decided to get married even if Vincent's mother, Elaine, was very much against it. With that, Lally's life of marriage was never smooth-sailing because of Vincent's mother in law. But for the sake of her love for her husband, Lally endures the hardships in dealing with her mother-in-law.

Meantime, Vincent who is bisexual had an affair with his former openly gay boyfriend Eric ( played by Dennis Trillo). Later Lally discovered and caught Eric and Vincent almost about to kiss. Lally was devastated and try to force Vincent to tell the truth to his parents, Armando ( Roi Vinzon) and Elaine( Kuh Ledesma), with the hope that their marriage can be saved. But Armando is extremely homophobic. Lally decided not to force Vincent to tell the truth about his bisexuality to his parents afraid of the extreme reaction of Armando. Vincent promised to Lally that he will not see Eric again to save his marriage.

Eric and Vincent try to forget about each other, but sometimes they still remember the happy times when they were together. Eric even sold his condo hoping to erase the memories of their love nest. Unknowingly to Eric, Vincent purchased the condo via proxy of the manager of his car dealership.

There are other side stories and characters besides the love triangle. An example of a character admired by the LGBT viewers is the mother of Eric ( played by Chandra Romero) who is very supportive of her son's sexual orientation, the exact opposite of Vincent's father.

What do you think will be the ending of this very popular TV drama?.

Here is my brain-storming ideas for the ending of the story: Perhaps after 20 years from now.

1. Lally finished school, become a successful business woman and had divorced Vincent and will be married to Paul after the divorced is finalized.

2. Eric and Vincent had reunited and live happily with custody of Vincent two kids now adults. Diego the oldest son turn out to be also gay.

3. Armando committed suicide after learning the truth of his son's sexual orientation. Elaine died of natural death still not believing her son is bisexual.

Again, no matter how MHL ends, it has broken the taboo in Philippine Television of broadcasting the reality of homosexuality, adultery and homophobia. Hopefully this drama has opened the hearts of million of Filipino viewers accepting and understanding the lifestyle of the LGBT community.

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